Oxford Medical Instruments

OMI PEMF Product Cautions And Concerns.

Reasons For Discontinuing OMI PEMF Products.

PEMF Supply was the exclusive distributor for Oxford Medical Instruments and their products in the United States and Canada for approximately 2 years.

Due to many ongoing concerns with Oxford Medical Instruments, we no longer offer this product line for the following reasons.

Quality Concerns:

After extensive testing, it has been proven that the manufacturer has not maintained quality control during manufacturing.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Mixed polarity of the copper coils. (some were positive and some were negative on the same device)
  • Wires breaking inside the mat creating an electrical short and defective product.
  • Low quality connectors that led to the cords separating or disconnecting.
  • Poor soldering that resulted in wires coming loose on connectors and inside the controller housing.
  • Low quality overlay stickers on the controller that stuck and rendered the buttons inoperable.
  • Controller speaker defects.
  • Consistent AC adapter failures from low quality components including sparking when they were plugged in.
  • PCB (controller) failures and glitches.

Warranty/ Updates:

Failure to provide important product updates and revisions in a timely manner.

The Horse Products were not safe. These products proved to be a risk for horse and handler.

Difficult and delayed communication between Oxford Medical Instrument’s employees and customers.

Failure of the manufacturer to remedy and replace faulty products:

PEMF Supply has honored over 150 warranty claims on behalf of Oxford Medical Instruments that have not been replaced by the manufacturer.  Currently PEMF Supply is facing losses of over $200,000.00 due to defective products that the manufacturer won’t replace.  


Oxford Medical Instruments has been involved in an international lawsuit with other PEMF companies but hasn’t and won't disclose or provided documentation clarifying the situation.  


Bad port at the top of mat controller 1

Bad Port at the top of the mat controller 2

Adapter port pulled out of controller

Wire pulled out of connector

Dead Adapter


No sound 1 Attached controller malfunction

No Sound 2 Incorrect programming in controller

Ring - - error code

Start up error (adapter)

E E Error code

Controller button malfunction

Broken cell on display

Additional issues you cannot see:

Stuck buttons

Multi-tonal beep

Controllers overheating

Timing issues (shutting off before session is up)

Dead Adapters and controllers