The Centropix KLOUD+ is a new breakthrough in PEMF Therapy offering Molecular Activation!

The Centropix KLOUD+ mat has a signal that encompasses the majority of the low frequency PEMF spectrum. This new technology gives access to almost every signal that can positively impact the body through molecular activation.

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Microtesla Power Expansion

PEMA power is measured in microtesla. The CENTROPIX KLOUD is the first PEMA device that can be folded to magnify the microtesla coil power. For instance, fold the mat into a square to deliver up to 8X intensity to specific body areas.

Five Optimized Programs


  • Feel completely comfortable & warm
  • Relax after a hard day


  • Feel the synchronization of numerous body rhythms, body, mind, & soul
  • Grounding & Harmonizing


  • Feel balanced & present
  • Focus on the here & now
  • Let your energy flow evenly


  • Transform yourself from "exhausted" to "like new born"
  • Regenerate your "batteries"
  • Keep your inner vital forces also at full speed


  • Feel the maximum of (life) energy
  • Fitness & Wellness of the simplest kind
  • More power in the long run - perfect before physical & mental stress

What makes the Centropix KLOUD+ the most advanced PEMF Therapy device?

Prof. Dr. Kafka discovered a signal that actually encompasses nearly all radio stations.

Combine Nearly All Frequency & Intensity Spectra Available On The Market In One

Amplify The “Tesla Power” Of Treatment Through Patented Design

Tap Into The Broadest & Probably The Most Effective Frequency Range Of Any At-Home Bioresonance Frequency Device

Experience Up To 20,000 Amplitudes Per Second Through 8 Large Coils, Therefore Reaching A Wider Molecular Range In The Body

Unique Features Include:

  • Integrated Touch Screen Application
  • Live Session
  • Adjustable Intensity
  • Track Your Application in Real Time

... All Within Your App!

Cloud-Based & Mobile Friendly

With the Centropic KLOUD+ PEMF devices, everything is delivered through the cloud. The Centropix KLOUD+ automatically updates. New programs are instantly available via software updates and visible on your app. The KLOUD+ applicators, programs and timing can be manipulated or adjusted from start to stop—all with the app available on your phone.

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