Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do PEMF Mats compare on features and ease of use?

At the core, most PEMF devices are similar in what they can accomplish.  Some are more complicated and require a higher skill level to operate the controller.  We created a side by side comparison chart that makes it easier to see what features are offered for each product.  Please visit the PEMF comparison chart page for more details. 

Q. Do PEMF devices need to have reversing polarity?

While many PEMF products reverse polarity, it's not required for effective therapy.  Many leading experts and professionals in the field have concluded that reversing polarity with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields are not necessary.  The reason for this is since it is an active pulsed magnetic field, it is constantly expanding and collapsing. Dr. Pawluk who is a National leader in PEMF Therapy explains it well in this article.

Q. Why do some PEMF products cost more than others?

There are many factors that contribute to the price of PEMF devices.  While it usually comes down to product features, there are other factors as well.      Several companies that market PEMF products are set up on a Multi-Level Marketing business model and some of their distributors earn more than $1,500 in commission every time they sell a mat.  Our mission is to provide the most affordable PEMF Therapy solutions and make PEMF Therapy accessible for everyone!

Q. Which is better, the square, sine or sawtooth waveform?

While some PEMF brands push education that would lead you to believe that their specific waveform is the "best", we say that most waveforms help you to receive a pulsed electromagnetic field, which in turn helps to promote health.  We have products that offer the square, sine or sawtooth waveform.  Some of our products have multiple waveforms available from the same controller.  

Q. How long does it take see results from PEMF Therapy?

Results vary from person to person.  Some people feel profound results after 1-3 sessions using PEMF Therapy while others see results over time as the benefit of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is cumulative over time for cellular regeneration.

Q. Can PEMF products be used with pets?

Many people use PEMF therapy for their pets and positive results have been well documented.   PEMF Therapy is safe and effective for humans and pets.  Please visit our pet page for more information.

Q. Can you sleep on a mat or use it in bed?

Various PEMF products have different instructions depending on the design.  Some brands have programs built in that will automatically run while you are sleeping. Use the mat as instructed one to two times per day with the recommended settings and duration. 

Q. If a person lays down and places the mat on top of their body, would they still get the full effect of the mat?

Yes. Using the mat on top of your body as opposed to laying on it produces the same results because the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field produced by the mat does not differentiate between up or down.  This is a good solution for folks who may not be able to physically lay on top of a mat. 

Q. Can I use multiple PEMF devices at the same time?

Some PEMF controllers have multiple connectors that allow a user to run two separate devices simultaneously.  In the case of PEMF devices with separate controllers, it is not recommended to use multiple devices simultaneously since the effects of using different programs at the same time have not been verified.

Q. What is your return policy?

PEMF Supply offers a 30-day return policy.  Returns are subject to a 12% return charge.  Read our return policy. To initiate a return, visit our return portal.