InHarmony Vibroacoustic Therapy

inHarmony Vibroacoustic Therapy

What is inHarmony Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Vibroacoustic therapy can be defined as a therapy which uses low frequency pulsed sound vibrations and music. The effect is either relaxing or stimulating depending on the choice of sound vibrations, which allows for Vibroacoustic therapy to be used for general relaxation, physiotherapy and receptive music therapy.

Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy

Reduce stress & anxiety

Reduce stress & anxiety:

This relief lets you go about everyday as your best self. Find that peace of mind that lets you be you.

Relieve muscle tension & chronic pain

Relieve muscle tension & chronic pain:

InHarmony helps alleviate sore muscles and can help with chronic pain, making inHarmony a great solution for post-workout soreness or recurring injury.

Improved sleep & mood

Improved sleep and mood:

InHarmony enables you to achieve a more full and peaceful rest. No more tossing and turning, relax and slip into a sound slumber.

Increased focus & mental clarity

Increased focus & mental clarity:

Clearing your mind and controlling your thoughts through meditation adds to your power over your own mind.

Vibracoustic Meditation Music App

Explore the benefits of these carefully created music tracts which help you to relax, meditate or de-stress. While they are specifically designed to be used with the inHarmony vibroacoustic products, they can also be used while laying on a PEMF mat or just for general relaxation.

The Science Behind Vibroacoustic Therapy

Learn about the science and read the studies behind vibroacoustic therapy!

About the Science

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