PEMF Therapy - Improve Circulation

 Use PEMF Therapy to Improve Circulation

Many people who suffer from poor blood circulation are finding relief using PEMF Therapy. Using a PEMF Therapy Mat provides a magnetic pulse that helps to increase the flow of blood throughout the body.

People with diabetes, build-up of fatty deposits and varicose veins are using PEMF Therapy to improve circulation in their legs and feet and improving their quality of life.

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field, and the earth pulses with an electromagnetic field that can be measured.

This magnetic pulse is as vital to life as food, air and water.

Our body also pulses with the same basic frequency as the earth, and the pulse from the earth works like a battery recharger for our bodies.

When we’re young, our body “pulses” about 3 to 5 times per minute and these pulses work like relay stations to help the blood flow through the body.

This is necessary, because the heart isn’t able to exert enough pressure to send the blood through all of our blood vessels.

As we get older, the number of times that our body “pulses” decreases, and instead of pulsing 3 to 5 times per minute, it “pulses” about once a minute.

Folks with diabetes only “pulse” about once every 10 minutes, and this is why they tend to have circulatory problems.

A PEMF Therapy Mat works like a battery recharger and helps the human body to “pulse” like it should.