PEMF Therapy Testimony - Help For Diabetics

"I'm on the phone with Karen. Karen told me she is really excited about her OMI mat, so Karen, Why are you so excited?

I have diabetes with neuropathy in my feet, which means that they are completely numb... I don' t feel them and I haven't had feeling in my feet for about 12 years. I got the OMI mat to see if I could improve the circulation in my feet, and as I started using it, about a month into it... I started getting sensations in the bottoms of my feet and in my toes. you haven't been able to feel your toes or the bottoms of your feet for 12 years, and now you can?

Correct, since using the mat, it has improved the circulation in my toes and my feet.

No wonder they call it an OMI mat... I mean, Oh-My, that is so neat.

Oh-My, yes it is!"


The results that Karen experienced are not to imply that everyone who uses a PEMF device will experience the same results. Results vary by person.  PEMF Supply does not claim that others will experience the same results.