PEMF for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief – A Testimony

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment with PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy treats fibromyalgia pain by improving blood flow and increasing tissue oxygen levels. Those suffering from Fibromyalgia have used a low-frequency PEMF Therapy mat to improve function, chronic pain and fatigue.

The effectiveness of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy has been documented in thousands of clinical research studies worldwide. We have this testimony from Karen who noticed the absence of joint pain after using the PEMF Therapy Mat.

I'm on the phone with Karen, Karen is the one with Diabetes, who was able to feel her toes after using the mat for about a month.  It’s been 12 years since she has been able to feel her toes and now she can feel them.

However, Karen, you said that there is something that you are even more excited about.

Yes, I'm really excited about the fact that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which is joint pain and it just comes on at any time and I noticed that about 4 weeks in to using the mat I realized that I wasn’t having any joint pain.  I had lived with this joint pain, probably for 4 years and I haven't had any flare-ups in the several months that I've been using my OMI mat.

Excellent!  No wonder they call it an OMI mat, I mean Oh-My, that is so neat!

OMI, yes it is!