QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF Pen

List price $400

QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF Pen Applicator

What does it do?

  • The QRS PEMF pen applicator generates a cone shaped magnetic field with the highest intensity at the point of the pen
  • This Pen applicator is also equipped with a Laser Soft Light
  • The light pulses at the same frequency as the QRS signal generated by the controller
  • The magnetic field-enhanced light allows for deeper penetration into the tissue

Primary Applications:

  • Small Joints (fingers, toes, elbows and wrists)
  • Head Area (eyes, ears, jaw, TMJ and nasal cavity)

The QRS Pen Applicator is effective at breaking up cycles of localized pain. The pen is commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture and for relief from dental pain.


*the QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF Pen applicator is an accessory device.  This product can only be used with the main QRS - Purewave 101 controller.