Vasindux Pro+ - BEMER Comparison

In this detailed comparison between the Vasindux Pro+ PEMF therapy mat and the Bemer Mat, discover why the Vasindux Pro+ PEMF mat, is one of the most preferred PEMF therapy mats on the market.  With the quick start programs, it takes less than 10 seconds to start your session!

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The Vasindux Pro+ PEMF therapy mat and the BEMER PEMF therapy mat are among the most advanced PEMF systems available. These PEMF devices offer low intensity therapy which scientific research has shown to produce the best results when used consistently over time.

Before PEMF Therapy

Before PEMF Therapy 

Improved circulation after 15 minutes on the Vasindux Pro+

After PEMF Therapy 

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Below, you will find the specifications as they apply to aspects of both the Vasindux Pro+ mat and the Bemer Pro B.Body.

1. Frequencies of the Vasindux Pro+ and Bemer mats

  • Vasindux Pro+: .05 Hz - 963 Hz
  • Bemer Pro: 2 Main Frequencies - 10 Hz and 30 Hz. (may have other harmonic frequencies)

Scientific research has shown that our cells resonate with and respond to different frequencies. This indicates that devices using a range of frequencies will have a greater therapeutic effect on the human body.

The Vasindux Pro+ and the Bemer Pro both use frequencies that are well within the harmonic range. However, the Vasindux Pro+ offers easy to use settings to aid in selecting the therapy program that is right for you.

These settings make it possible to choose a program that is best suited for the health improving benefits that you need.  

The Bemer offers two settings. These settings are higher than what is recommended for improving sleep, giving it exposure as a mat that would be used more for energy than rest. 

2. Custom Settings

The Vasindux Pro+ PEMF therapy mat offers 37 preset programs, allowing you to choose the optimal program and length of time you wish to use the device.

It also has a custom setting feature that allows the user to set a specific frequency, polarity, waveform and intensity.  This is especially helpful for professionals. 

 The Bemer is set to only two frequencies; 10 Hz and 30 Hz. These settings can limit the user's control over their therapy session. 

3. Coils and Intensity

The Vasindux Pro+  full body mat allows for the magnetic field to target the entire body. With 8 PEMF coils, the Vasindux Pro+ contains more than the industry standard of 6 coils. This helps to provide even distribution over the entire body.

The Vasindux Pro+ PEMF mat has a maximum intensity of 200 Microtesla depending upon the settings you choose.  The intensity level can be set by the user for optimal performance.  The user has the option to select from 9 intensity levels to customize their therapy session.

The Bemer mat contains 6 coils. The intensity range for the Bemer is 3.5 to 35 Microtesla. (There is a plus sign that may be utilized to increase the intensity slightly higher).

4. Wave forms for the Vasindux Pro+ PEMF Mat and Bemer Pro B.Body

The Vasindux Pro+ offers both sinusoidal and square waveforms.  Research studies and clinical trials have shown that these waveforms are some of the most effective for energizing cells and creating a healing environment using the bodies natural processes.

The Bemer Pro product only offers the sinusoidal waveform for the mat. This may have been their choice because the sine wave is associated with a smooth, repetitive signal.  

    5. Your financial investment with the Vasindux Pro+ mat versus the Bemer Pro B.Body

    Vasindux Pro+ MatThe Vasindux Pro+ PEMF mat, offers advanced features for full body therapy at an exceptional value. The full body mat is $2,395.00 Additional accessories of a mini mat and ring are available for this system.  PEMF Supply offers easy payment plans with options starting at $144/mo.

    The Bemer is priced at $5,285.00.  Additionally, they offer an option with more accessories for a higher price.

    Many people ask why there is such a big price difference between the two products.  The primary reason is that some companies are set up on a multi-level marketing (MLM) platform which seems to increase the cost substantially.  For MLM companies to work and grow, they raise the prices so that the multiple levels of representatives can earn commissions on product sales.  

    The Vasindux Pro+ mat and the Bemer Pro B.Body both emit pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF therapy) to the body. The therapy at its core is essentially the same, but the Vasindux Pro+ offers advanced features and gives the user the option to take control of their therapy session.

    Conclusion - The Vasindux Pro+ PEMF mat provides an easy-to-use, safe and effective PEMF Therapy solution at an affordable price point.  

    All information provided on this page is in-depth, regarding the differences in the Vasindux Pro+ PEMF Therapy mat and the Bemer Pro B.Body. This information is current as of the time of this writing, based upon information located on our website for the Vasindux Pro+ mat, as well as the website for Bemer.

    If you would like to receive additional information on the Vasindux Pro+, please submit your request below.  You may also visit the Vasindux Pro+ product page.

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