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Spectra's Dynamic, Potent, and Cost-Effective Red Light Beds

Step into a world of transformation with Spectra's red light therapy beds, engineered to provide not only the optimal wavelengths for enhanced body healing but also an invigorating boost to physical performance and long-lasting vitality. Our Spectra design is founded on decades of solid research, catapulting our Red Light beds to the forefront of innovation and ensuring they stand out as the most cutting-edge, yet reasonably priced solution for professional applications.

Embrace the rejuvenating power of Spectra's red light beds, and unlock a world of unparalleled health benefits and performance enhancement. Experience the difference today!

The New Standard in Red Light Therapy Beds

Introducing the FDA Class II Cleared Spectra devices, meticulously tested using lab-grade spectrometers to confirm the perfect balance of intensity and wavelengths. Our rigorous light output measurements and detailed inspection process guarantee that these revolutionary red light beds operate at their peak performance before they reach your doorstep.

Trust in Spectra's commitment to quality, and embark on a journey towards enhanced wellness with the new standard in red light therapy beds. Discover the future of wellness today!

Spectra Red Light Bed Benefits

Key Red Light Bed Features

  • Up to 10 wavelengths
  • Unique side light design
  • Lucite® Acrylic, up to 99% light transmittance
  • Wide light board heat dissipation design
  • Constant current source design
  • Independent fresh air duct system
  • Independent wavelength control

Spectra S10 Pro

Designed for Professionals
Professional Athletes, Gymnasts, Runners, Trainers

Ten specific wavelengths for a diversity of use and benefits!

Spectra S10 Pro+

Designed for Commercial Use
Spas, Wellness Centers, Salons, Cryotherapy Centers

Our most powerful device delivers the same results in less time!

Understanding Red Light Therapy

The way that the body heals with red light therapy is by light induced photochemical reactions in our biological systems. This red and near-infrared light is non-invasive but powerful enough to boost the body’s healing process and to deliver rapid pain relief.

Advantages of Clinical Power Red Light Therapy

Absorption into certain kinds of tissue (most notably, the tissue where a lot of water is present) can interfere with light photons passing through, and result in shallower tissue penetration. This means ample light photons with the correct wavelengths are required to ensure that the maximum amount of light reaches the targeted tissue — and that requires a light therapy device with more power.

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