San Jose Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

As with any groundbreaking pain treatment method, there are a lot of myths surrounding San Jose PEMF therapy. If you are new to this type of approach, and you’re trying to learn more about it, you’re going to face an avalanche of misinformation which can be frustrating. PEMF Supply, the US leader in devices used in PEMF therapy in San Jose CA, would like to help alert you to some of the many myths that are being spread.

MYTH 1 – Manufacturers Can Use Any Type Of PEMF Coil

The devices we offer for San Jose PEMF therapy at PEMF Supply have tightly wound  coils.  coils are key to producing a pure magnetic field – and that field is key for receiving the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in San Jose CA. The shape of the coils is one of the most important factors in a good pulsed magnetic field.   Some PEMF devices use cheap antennas as the PEMF coil, but these coils project the magnetic field horizontally instead of vertically which is critical to effective PEMF therapy.

MYTH 2 – You Can Only Use Your PEMF Device Two Times Per Day for Eight Minutes

This is completely wrong. The amount of time that you use your device will depend on not only the product you’re using, but the settings you use as well. There are some people with certain types of health challenges who will need to use theirs for 20-30 minutes every day, or possibly longer.  While two sessions per day is ideal for maintaining optimal health, certain health concerns or injuries can benefit from additional local PEMF therapy application.

MYTH 3 – Only High-Intensity PEMF Devices are effective

False! The intensity of the device being used for PEMF therapy in San Jose CA is an important consideration. That’s why higher-intensity therapy should only take place under the direct supervision of a healthcare professional and for limited amounts of time High intensity PEMF isn’t  more effective than low intensity PEMF, it simply has a different application. When used responsibly, it can be incredibly beneficial especially for sudden injuries.  For the most effective long term benefits, daily use of low intensity PEMF is ideal.

Would You Like to Learn More?

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