San Jose Electromagnetic Therapy For Pain

The potential benefits of San Jose electromagnetic therapy for pain are almost staggering to consider. For example, electromagnetic therapy for pain in San Jose CA has been shown to help people suffering from post-traumatic brain injury (TBI) headaches find relief. At PEMF Supply, we provide many of the devices used to administer this revolutionary therapy.

Electromagnetic Therapy and Post-TBI Headaches

San Jose electromagnetic therapy for pain isn’t that difficult to understand. It covers the body in healing waves of electromagnetic energy, reaching deep down to the cellular level. When this happens, cells receive the stimulation they need to repair themselves and regenerate. Research also shows that electromagnetic therapy for pain in San Jose CA not only stimulates cells, but also neurons and nerves in the brain as well.

Electromagnetic therapy for pain in San Jose CA is in no way designed to replace a TBI sufferer’s current treatment plan. Rather, it is meant to serve as a therapy to be used in conjunction with any medications or other methods of treatment. However, if you are dealing with terrible headaches after suffering a TBI, you should at least consider having a discussion with your doctor to see if you might be able to benefit.

While there are many different electromagnetic therapy devices we carry at PEMF Supply, our Vasindux Pro+ mat is probably the most popular. This mat is extremely easy to use, and you can take it wherever you like. If you want to use it at home, or take it with you to work or just about anywhere else, that will be no problem. All you need is enough room to set up the mat, lie down, and then start to find the relief you’ve been seeking.

Please get in touch with PEMF Supply if you have any questions whatsoever about San Jose electromagnetic therapy for pain. You can use our online form, or you can call 844-855-7363.