San Diego Vasindux PEMF therapy devices

San Diego Vasindux PEMF therapy devices have been shown to help reduce the extreme discomfort associated with juvenile arthritis. This is a particularly heartbreaking condition, since no child should have to deal with this kind of problem. However, Vasindux PEMF therapy devices in San Diego CA may help young arthritis sufferers find some significant relief. PEMF Supply carries these devices, and would like to let you know how they could help improve quality of life for young people dealing with this terrible disease.

PEMF and Juvenile Arthritis

Pain relief is one of the biggest benefits provided by San Diego Vasindux PEMF therapy devices. PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy has been studied extensively in recent years. According to one study involving children aged 8-12 with juvenile arthritis, PEMF therapy not only helped reduce pain, but also fatigue – which is very common among children suffering from the disease.

There are several reasons Vasindux PEMF therapy devices can be helpful to children with arthritis. Symptoms of the disease can include not only pain, but also joint stiffness, sleep difficulties, and the aforementioned fatigue. PEMF therapy could help address all of them. They won’t cure juvenile arthritis, but they can help children feel better – possibly to the point where they can get the exercise their growing bodies need.

Vasindux PEMF therapy devices work by sending pulses of electromagnetic energy through the body. It has long been known that the earth’s electromagnetic field has healing properties. PEMF therapy devices mimic this field, bathing the body in safe, natural waves of energy. These waves can help reduce inflammation, which will ultimately help reduce swelling and pain. Joints become healthier, which can help restore a child’s mobility.

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