San Diego Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Scientific evidence is starting to show that San Diego PEMF therapy could be effective in helping symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI). While there is still a great deal of further research needed, studies indicate that PEMF therapy in San Diego CA could help TBI victims experience more positive outcomes. This is just one of the many reasons why the professionals with PEMF Supply are extremely proud to offer a wide range of devices that can deliver the power of this incredible wellness technology.

How it Works

How does San Diego PEMF therapy (PEMF therapy) help those suffering with TBI? Recent studies have started to shed light. It appears that PEMF therapy plays a role in reducing inflammation, which can cause swelling inside the brain. When applied soon after a TBI occurs, PEMF therapy can help reduce the rate of cell death, which can lead to symptoms such as loss of memory, loss of coordination, and other cognitive issues.

It's important to note that PEMF therapy in San Diego CA is not a cure for TBI. However, it does show promise in helping to reduce the chances of some of the more devastating effects of injury occurring.

Other Potential PEMF Therapy Benefits

Many people who suffer a TBI experience severe depression and anxiety, since they can no longer do many of the everyday things that were once second nature. They often can’t form words quickly enough, or they’ll forget names and faces. This can lead to not only anxiety and depression, but also significant agitation.

PEMF therapy in San Diego CA has shown promise helping reduce both anxiety and depression, helping TBI sufferers enjoy a better quality of life.

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