San Diego PEMF Therapy Equipment

PEMF Supply proudly carries a wide range of San Diego PEMF therapy equipment, including the Vasindux Pro. This revolutionary system is the result of years of painstaking research. Designed to improve the health of the body’s cells, this incredible piece of PEMF therapy equipment in San Diego CA can deliver relief from pain, and revitalize the body. Even though the Vasindux Pro is technologically advanced, it’s also very simple to use. It provides easy-to-understand options, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been using PEMF equipment for years.

How the Vasindux Pro Works

One of the most amazing pieces of San Diego PEMF therapy equipment available, the Vasindux Pro works on the principle that the magnetic field that surrounds our planet can promote safe, natural healing from the discomfort associated with a host of conditions and illnesses. It uses energy frequencies that are in tune with the body’s organs, weakening and then removing frequencies that could cause harm. This PEMF therapy equipment in San Diego CA promotes healing as a result.

Meditative techniques, such as Chakra techniques, are key to understanding the effectiveness of this piece of PEMF therapy equipment in San Diego CA. These techniques focus on helping release and align seven areas along the spine that store energy. If these energy centers are obstructed, or out of sync, that can have a negative impact on not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. “Chakras,” as they are known, help keep those energy centers clear – as does the Vasindux Pro.

One analogy that might help you get a better understanding of the Vasindux Pro is that of a machine. Think about what happens when the gears of a machine are stuck in place. The components of that machine won’t be able to work properly as a result, because parts will become dislodged and eventually break off completely. The Vasindux Pro helps keep those gears running smoothly – as a result, the machine (in this case, your body) will run smoothly as well.

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