New York PEMF Therapy Equipment

There has been a lot of research performed into the effectiveness of New York PEMF therapy equipment for a wide range of health conditions and illnesses. One of the most incredible facts to come out is that PEMF therapy equipment in New York NY could help people suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

PEMF Supply is proud to provide much of the equipment used in this groundbreaking therapy. Here’s some information to show PEMF might be just what people suffering from a TBI need to find relief from many of the symptoms they experience.

PEMF and Traumatic Brain Injury

It appears that, according to research, New York PEMF therapy equipment could help improve the quality of life for people who have experienced a TBI. Injury victims often have incredibly painful headaches, weakness or numbness in the toes, as well as a loss of coordination.

While PEMF therapy equipment in New York NY won’t cure the effects associated with a TBI, it can serve as a complement to other treatment methods. It can help reduce symptoms, while promoting improved brain functioning at the same time. PEMF therapy helps reduce inflammation of the brain, and can also promote brain cell repair and regeneration.

Inflammation is an extreme danger to the body. In the case of a TBI, it can increase swelling, which can cause a great deal of damage to the delicate tissues inside the brain. PEMF therapy equipment in New York NY uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate ions within brain cells, and also promotes improved blood circulation. In conjunction with other treatments, PEMF therapy could play a role in helping reduce that swelling. TBI sufferers may be able to enjoy an improved quality of life in the process.

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