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Narcolepsy can be a frustrating, even scary problem – but Miami Vasindux PEMF therapy devices could be a huge help in reducing how often someone experiences a narcoleptic episode. PEMF Supply is a leading provider of Vasindux PEMF therapy devices in Miami FL. We know how powerful PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy can be when addressing a vast array of health conditions. If you’re experiencing narcolepsy, PEMF therapy could help you as well.

An Alternative Approach

It’s important to note that Miami Vasindux PEMF therapy devices aren’t a cure for narcolepsy or any other type of health issue. But they can help reduce the occurrence of some of the underlying factors that cause the problem. These include feeling sleepy during the daytime, an inability to control periods of sleepiness and wakefulness, and others.

The conventional method of treating narcolepsy is to use prescription medications. In some cases, doctors will prescribe stimulants that are similar to those taken by children who have ADD (attention deficit disorder). Obviously, these drugs are designed to make sure the patient stays awake during daylight hours so they can sleep at night.

Some people suffer from a particularly severe form of narcolepsy known as cataplexy, which causes them not only to fall asleep when they shouldn’t, but also to experience uncontrolled muscle spasms. They will typically take antidepressants, which are meant to suppress those spasms.

So, how do Vasindux PEMF therapy devices in Miami FL help? They do so by sending electromagnetic pulses through the body. This energy helps improve blood flow, which can improve a person’s energy levels. They may not be as prone to falling asleep during the day as a result.

This is just one of the many reasons people often turn to Vasindux PEMF therapy devices in Miami FL. Talk to your sleep specialist to see if using one of these devices may be right for you.

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