Jacksonville Electromagnetic Therapy For Pain

Research indicates that Jacksonville electromagnetic therapy for pain could help people suffering from a debilitating illness known as Raynaud’s phenomenon. Electromagnetic therapy for pain in Jacksonville FL can especially help during the winter months, when sufferers tend to feel the most discomfort. PEMF Supply carries several products used in this exciting therapy, and would like to share some information regarding its benefits for those who have been diagnosed with this debilitating condition. 

Electromagnetic Therapy and Raynaud’s Phenomenon

How can Jacksonville electromagnetic therapy for pain help? First of all, it’s important to note that electromagnetic therapy for pain in Jacksonville FL is not a cure for Raynaud’s phenomenon, nor does it cure any other type of condition or illness. What it does is to help reduce some of the severe discomfort that people can experience.

People with this condition will often have symptoms such as a lack of nerve control, or will have a bluish tint to their skin when the weather gets cold. Their fingers and toes are always cold, but the problems get even worse when temperatures take a significant dip. Electromagnetic therapy for pain in Jacksonville FL helps promote improved blood circulation, which could help alleviate many of the symptoms associated with Raynaud’s phenomenon.

It does so by sending waves of electromagnetic energy throughout the body. This energy, which is natural and completely safe, seeps deep into the tissues, muscles, reaching all the way down into the cells. This helps stimulate cells, which, in turn, supports cell healing and regeneration. This leads to a positive domino effect that could substantially reduce pain.

The devices used in electromagnetic therapy are now available to the general public and can be purchased without a prescription from a doctor's office. These devices can be used at home or just about anywhere with a hard flat surface.

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