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Why PEMF Therapy?
When cells are toxic or damaged, the cell membrane becomes thick and stiff, resulting in electrical and chemical receptors which do not function properly. When the pulsating field of PEMF therapy reaches the cells, they expand, facilitating the inflow of fresh nutrients and oxygen. The toxins are pushed out, resulting in cells that are cleansed, refreshed and able to work more efficiently. This restores balanced health and well-being. This response affects all types of cells: blood, brain, nerve and bone. Healthy cells lead to a healthy body!

Americans have been suffering from chronic pain for decades, only to purchase an endless list of prescription medications or suffer from the pain and recovery time with expensive surgical procedures. PEMF therapy can help sustain or improve your health, optimize general wellness, promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve energy, and help you live well even with a chronic disease or condition like type 2 diabetes.

Do you suffer from chronic inflammation, pain and swelling? Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? It could be time for you to try PEMF Therapy.

Did you know?
Over the years, our exposure to harmful electro-magnetic fields has increased (from cell phones, TV’s, cell towers and micro-waves), and our connection with the natural magnetic energy of Earth has decreased. PEMF Therapy provides the beneficial electromagnetic fields that we are missing on a cellular level. This results in accelerated repair of bone and soft tissue, cellular detoxification, improved intake of nutrients, reduction in platelet adhesion, and the ability to regenerate healthy cells.

Why choose PEMF Supply?
Vasindux PEMF mats have been tested by doctors and are a fraction of the cost of many other PEMF devices. They are FDA registered wellness devices.
Using a Vasindux PEMF Therapy Mat can give you full body therapy to address your body’s needs. Whether you are depleted of energy, in need of more sleep, or you suffer from aches and pain. With a PEMF Therapy Mat or Ring, you may choose your settings and customize your therapy with the simple to use controller. Feeling better is now well within your reach.