The Power Of Mind Over Body

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The Power of Mind Over Body 

Complementary Therapies From A Scientific Perspective.

By Katalin Czondor, PhD

The Power of Mind Over Body is an in depth look at some of the new advances in science in relation to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. This book intends to present insights into scientific results, provide a background and offer explanation in order to promote openness toward PEMF Therapy and the Vasindux Products. Induction Flux, Bioresonance, and Chakra complimentary therapies are explained from a scientific perspective. 

Dr. Katalin Czondor is a neurobiologist well known for her research into the function of the nervous system. Beyond her interest in neuroscience, Dr. Czondor has always been interested in how the neurological, physical and psychological processes effect one another. Her experience in the scientific field has helped her gain understanding of these processes on a molecular level. Being a forward thinker, Dr. Czondor has always been open to the new methods and processes that cannot yet be fully explained by science.


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