ALPHA Water Filter

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Our price: $79

ALPHA Water by NexGen Health.

All natural Antioxidant Alkaline water filter system.

ALPHA stands for Alkaline, PH & Antioxidant. This alkaline filter system naturally filters your water and boosts the Alkalinity, PH and antioxidants through mineral filters.

Key features:

  • All Natural Technology delivers reliable, consistent and maintenance free performance. The efficient filtration provides fresh, clean and naturally boosted Alkaline - Antioxidant water.
  • Non Electric so you don't need to worry about plugging it in. 
  • On Demand since it is connected directly to your cold water line, you don't need to worry about refiling a reservoir. 
  • Easy Installation because we include what you need for quick, efficient and stress free installation.   





5-10 Gallons Per Hour

Filter Life

Sediment filter 6-9 Months

Post Carbon Filter 9-12 Months

Alkaline Antioxidant Filter 9-12 Months

Size WxDxH (inches)  

5" X 13" X 13.5" 


7.5 lbs

Max Pressure

120 PSI

1 Year Warranty

Made In Korea

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