QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF Eye Glasses

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QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF Eye Glasses

What do they do?

  • Assists in improving micro circulation in the eyes
  • Helps to improve communication of peripheral nerves
  • Improves strength of smooth muscles in the eyes
  • Reduces inflammation and pressure in the eyes
  • Improves health of retinal cells

    Primary Applications:

    • Eyes

    The PEMF eye applicator is the most commonly purchased QRS Accessory. PEMF therapy for the eyes has been proven to be effective at reducing the symptoms of several eye disorders. The PEMF Glasses have reduced symptoms associated with glaucoma, corneal and ocular inflammation, corneal damage or injury, bags under the eyes and more.

    *the QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF Eye Glasses applicator is an accessory device.  This product can only be used with the main QRS - Purewave 101 controller.