PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap

List price: $565

Our price: $365

OMI PEMF Horse Rear Leg Wrap

The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Rear Leg Wrap is used for professional or home use.

  • What are the primary uses? A PEMF Therapy horse Rear Leg wrap is used for assistance with a wide variety of health concerns. Some of the most common include: Pain Relief, Better Rest, Stress Relief, Reduced Inflammation and increased Circulation. 
  • What part of the horse is it used for? The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Rear Leg Wrap is designed for use on either of the horses rear legs. 
  • How big is it? It measures 19 inches tall and 16 inches across in the center. 
  • How strong is the pulse? The OMI PEMF Therapy horse Rear Leg
    Wrap provides a field strength between 20 and 66 Microtesla depending on the frequency being used. 
  • What waveform does it have? The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Rear Leg Wrap uses a square wave.

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Tech Specs

 AC Adapter


AC100 -240V – 50/60 Hz 0.5A

17V DC - 1500mA

Coil Type
6 Pure Copper Coils

Square Wave

Magnetic Field Strength
20-66 µTesla (0.2 - 0.66 Gauss)

Frequency Range
1-30 Hz

Class of Protection Against Electric Shock Hazard

Power Factor

Ingress Protection

Wrap Material
Black Synthetic Leather

Wrap Size
19”x16” (42cm x 60cm)

Wrap Weight
2.2 lb (1.0 kg)