Centropix KLOUD Mini Rental

List price $130  (14-Day Rental) +$2,260 refundable deposit

Centropix KLOUD Mini PEMF Rental

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PEMF Rental Program Overview

  • PEMF Mat Rental - 14 days for only $130.00 (starting at date of delivery)
  • A refundable deposit of $2,260.00
  • Full support from our staff for the duration of your rental
  • Rental fee and deposit can be applied to a purchase if desired
  • Financing available if you decide to purchase at the end of your rental period

Our PEMF rental program is designed to give you the opportunity to make sure you see benefits prior to making a purchase.  

PEMF Mat Rental Terms:

  • This PEMF rental plan is for the Centropix KLOUD Mini
  • The PEMF Supply Rental plan is for a 14 day period. 
  • A $2,260.00 refundable deposit and payment of $130 ($2,390.00 total) is required at checkout.
  • The $2,260.00 deposit will be completely refunded if the rental is returned.
  • Both the rental amount and the deposit will be credited towards the purchase at the end of the rental period.  

*Shipping is added at checkout            


The following steps should be taken when using a PEMF Supply Rental Mat to ensure that the device remains in good working condition. Damaged or Soiled rentals can incur a refurbishing or cleaning fee of $50.  If a mat is damaged or soiled beyond repair, the customer is responsible in covering the retail cost of the device.

When using a rented PEMF Mat:

  • Read the instructions before operating the unit.
  • Only use the mat on a clean surface.
  • Be sure to cover the mat with a sheet or other cover for the duration of the rental to keep it clean.
  • Contact a PEMF Customer Service Representative immediately if you have any questions on the operation of the mat.  844-855-7363
  • Do not wash or use chemicals to clean your rental. 
  • After the rental period is finished, you may return the rental and your initial $2,260.00 deposit will be refunded to you.  If you choose to purchase the mat, you may either keep the rental, or return it for a brand new one if applicable.  You will be responsible for any shipping fees and or taxes as applicable.  

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