Vasindux Pro 3.0 Mini Mat Attachment

List price $275

Mini Mat attachment for the Vasindux Pro 3.0 Controller

L Shaped Mini Mat attachment.

  • How is it used? The Vasindux Pro Mini Mat is designed for use in a chair or for localized areas. 
  • How big is it? It measures 16" X 32" and is flexible.  

There are 2 coils in the seat area and 4 coils in the back area which provide direct nerve and cell stimulation for those areas.

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    Vasindux Pro 3.0 Mini Mat Tech Specs

    AC Adapter

    AC115/230V – 50/60 Hz

    12V DC - 1.5A

    Coil Type
    6 Coils

    Sine & Square

    Magnetic Field Strength
    2.5-130 µTesla (.025 - 1.3 Gauss)

    Frequency Range
    .5-963 Hz

    Power Factor
    7 W

    Mini Mat Material

    Mini Mat Size
    16" X 32"

    Mini Mat Weight
    3 lb 

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