QRS Purewave 101 - BEMER Comparison

In this detailed comparison between the QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF therapy mat and the Bemer Mat, discover why the QRS Purewave PEMF mat is one of most effective PEMF therapy mats on the market.

The QRS Purewave 101 PEMF therapy mat and the BEMER PEMF therapy mat are two of the most popular PEMF systems available today. These PEMF devices offer low intensity therapy which scientific research has shown to produce the best results when used consistently.

Below, you will find the specifications as they apply to aspects of both the Purewave 101 mat and the Bemer mat.

1. Frequencies of the QRS Purewave 101 and Bemer mats

  • QRS Purewave 101 mat: .01 - 1000 Hz
  • Bemer mat: 2 Frequencies - 10 Hz and 33 Hz.

Scientific research has shown that our cells respond to frequencies ranging from 1 to 30 Hz. This indicates that devices using this range of frequencies will have the greatest therapeutic effect on the human body.

The QRS Purewave 101 and the Bemer both use frequencies that are well within this range. However, the QRS Purewave 101 offers three easy to use settings to aid you in selecting the therapy that is right for you.

Scientific research has shown that the body operates on frequencies ranging from 1 to 30 Hz. This indicates that devices using this range of frequencies will have the greatest therapeutic effect on the human body.

These settings make it possible to replicate the natural circadian rhythm of the Earth. 

(Note: While theta and delta waves are often mentioned in reference to sleep, keep in mind that theta refers to a stage of light sleep. In other words, this is the stage prior to drifting into true state of sleep. Delta waves are present when awakening. Therefore, those waves are irrelevant when discussing PEMF therapy. The exposure to a pure electromagnetic field will aid in the natural balance of your sleep cycle without the need for anything additional.)

The Bemer only offers two settings. These settings are higher than what is recommended for improving sleep, giving it a bit more exposure as a mat that would be used for renewed energy.

2. Is a biorhythm clock necessary?

A biorhythm clock is nice to have, but it is not essential in order to receive PEMF therapy. The QRS Purewave 101 PEMF mat does not offer this clock. With three programs to choose from, relax, basis and vital, and three intensity levels (sensitive, medium, and intensive), the user has control over the type of session they are receiving. While Bemer offers this option, we have found that most users prefer to control their own settings based on their therapy needs. In devices with a biorhythm clock, custom settings can be blocked during certain hours. 

Scientific research has indicated that Beta is the best frequency range to use in the morning or during the day. Due to the insight this research gives, we now know what frequency the body responds to best during morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

The relax setting with sensitive intensity is good to use for better rest. Again, for this reason, the biorhythm clock is not essential for indicating the best frequency for the time of day you wish to use it.

The QRS Purewave 101 PEMF therapy mat offers many preset features, allowing you to choose the optimal program and length of time you wish to use the device.

The Bemer is set to only two frequencies; 10 Hz and 33 Hz. These settings limit the user's control over their therapy session. 

Bemer makes these recommendations for their device. Those who have questions regarding the settings should speak directly to a Bemer representative.

3. The QRS Purewave 101 offers many settings that give the user full control of their therapy

The QRS Purewave 101 full body mat allows for therapy to target the entire body. There is one large coil in the Purewave 101 mat, versus the market standard of 6 small coils. This provides more even distribution over the entire body.

The QRS Purewave 101 PEMF mat has a field strength of between .01 and 40 Microtesla depending upon the settings you choose to use.  The intensity can be set by the user for optimal performance. The user has the option to select sensitive, medium and intensive to customize their therapy session.

The Bemer, B. Body mat contains 6 copper coils. The intensity range for the Bemer is 3.5 to 35 Microtesla. (There is a plus sign that may be utilized to increase the intensity).

4. Wave forms for the QRS Purewave 101 PEMF Mat and Bemer Mat

The QRS Purewave 101 PEMF mat uses the soft curl wave. Research studies and clinical trials have shown that this wave is effective for energizing the cells and creating a healing environment using the bodies natural processes.

Since 1996, QRS system has been tested on the Russian space station 'Mir' program.It was installed to counteract calcium depletion in cosmonauts' bones.Men and women engaged in long-term space missions face decreasing bone density because they cannot exercise properly in a weightless state.When QRS was introduced, it improved circulatory problems, increased amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream, boosted cell metabolism, and gave space travelers additional energy.

The Bemer products use a sinusoidal waveform. This may have been their choice because the sine wave is associated with a smooth, repetitive signal. It is important to note that Bemer as well as other leading brands use the square wave on most of their accessory devices.

5. Copper coils and a pure magnetic field

  • The QRS Purewave 101 uses a single copper coil that is wound over the entire surface of the mat and evenly distributed. The use of one copper coil delivers an even magnetic field.
  • The Bemer mat uses 6 copper coils, two of which are oblong for the lower body area. They are covered with a plastic coating.

6. Getting acclimated to the QRS Purewave 101 mat or Bemer signal?

Many individuals have a theory that the body can get acclimated to the use of PEMF therapy. Another way to say it might be, “The body can become immune to the use of PEMF therapy during a session.”

Pulsed magnetic fields expand and collapse with each pulse, which means that in most cases, our cells can’t acclimate since it is always changing.

The earth has always had its own electromagnetic field. Therefore, when you are born, you are subject to the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Scientific research does not point to the fact that the human body can become immune to PEMF therapy, or a particular setting.

Scientific research does point to the facts on which frequency is best for the body based upon the time of day. This research is rooted in the circadian rhythm.

Every individual is different, and will respond differently to PEMF therapy. Therefore, no two people will respond to either PEMF device in the same way. It is a matter of personal choice.

7. Your financial investment with the QRS - Purewave 101 mat versus the Bemer

The QRS Purewave 101 PEMF mat, offering full body therapy, provides exceptional value. The full body mat is $4,000.00 including the pillow accessory and controller.  There are financing options available for payment as well.

The Bemer is priced at $4,290 for what is considered a basic unit. Additionally, they offer an option with accessories for a higher price.

The QRS Purewave 101 mat and the Bemer both emit pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF therapy) to the body. The therapy at its core, is essentially the same, but with different settings and delivery method.

Conclusion - The QRS - Purewave 101 PEMF mat provides an easy-to-use, well researched, safe and effective PEMF Therapy solution. 

All information provided on this page is in-depth, regarding the differences in the QRS Purewave 101 PEMF Therapy mat and the Bemer mat. This information is current as of the time of this writing, based upon information located on our website for the QRS Purewave 101 mat, as well as the website for Bemer.

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