Dealer Opportunity

Full line of OMI products

1. Representative Dealer

We offer a convenient dealer code system in which you can earn a 25% commission by giving out a dealer code to your customers to use on the PEMF Supply website. The customer enters that code at checkout in the dealer code box which enables us to track commissions.  The dealer code doubles as a discount code on orders over $1,000.00 so you can offer your customer a $50.00 discount.  You are paid commissions on the purchase price.  

Full line of OMI products

2. Retail Dealer

This option is applicable to individuals or businesses who wish to purchase at wholesale pricing and to retail the product in person, in a brick and mortar store, clinic or office. With the retail option it is important to note that the dealer is responsible for collecting and paying State sales tax as required in each State.  Retail dealers can purchase the products through our website at wholesale pricing and resell at retail pricing directly to patients/customers. You can enter the order online from your dealer account and drop ship to your customer or ship directly to your store, clinic or office.

How it Works

In order to qualify to become a dealer, the purchase of a mat or package at the retail price is required.  After the first purchase, you may request to be set up as a dealer. Once this and the contracting agreement is completed, you can start using the dealer log in to purchase with the wholesale pricing or promoting the product with your dealer code.

PEMF Supply offers brochures which can be customized with your contact information and dealer code. PEMF Supply business cards are available as well.

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