OMI PEMF Therapy PulsePad

List price: $225

Our price: $195

Oxford Medical Instruments Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Pad

The OMI PEMF Therapy Pad is for professional or home use.
Please Note: This device is battery operated only. (4 AAA Batteries Included)

  • What are the primary uses for this device? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pad is used for assistance with a wide variety of health concerns. Some of the most common uses for the Pulse Pad include: Minor Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Reduced Inflammation and Increased Circulation. 
  • What part of the body is it used for? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pulse Pad is designed for use with any local body application. 
  • How big is it? It measures a little over 6 X 10 inches across in the center. It is soft but not flexible.
  • How strong is the pulse? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pulse Pad provides a field strength between 20 and 30 Microtesla. 
  • What waveform does it have? The OMI PEMF Therapy Pulse Pad uses square wave.

The pulses from this device are from the applicator side of the pad which provide direct nerve or cell stimulation for specific areas.

For whole body or large back areas, we recommend the Full Body OMI PEMF Therapy Mat.
For localized joint, head or neck areas, the OMI PEMF Therapy Ring may also be a good solution.
  • Directly from PEMF Supply
  • Compact version of our OMI PEMF applicators - same technology
  • OMI PEMF devices have been on the market for over 10 years
  • Easy to use, no training required
Technical Specifications
Size: 7.1 x 10.6 inch (18 x 27 cm)
Net Weight: .5 lbs (.22 kg)
Power Supply: 4 AAA batteries included
Applicator: PU leather, polifoam
Programs: 1 Preset Program
Frequency: 8 Hz